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    Shanna Skidmore teaches creative entrepreneurs how to keep track of their finances so that their businesses and households can run as smoothly as possible. She’s been in business for years but recently decided to step back from her business to start a new season of her life with her kiddos. Shanna is a true professional, […]

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      May I suggest a title for your next Netflix binge?   Check out Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened.   For those not familiar, the Fyre festival was a pitch this kid, Billy McFarland, put together with his business partner Ja Rule.   No, that is not a typo.   Billy and Ja […]

    There truly is both an art and a science to creating compelling presentations for your audience. While your slides must be organized and well thought out, your message must also resonate your audience and move them to take the action you want. So how do you balance the two – structure & emotion – to […]

    Video can undoubtedly take your presentations to the next level…but only if done correctly and seamlessly. Otherwise, you can really disrupt the flow of your narrative to pause, find your file, pause for potential pre-roll ads, etc., leaving your audience disconnected and worse…disinterested. And listen, I get it. No matter how big or small your […]

    When I was ten, we went to Disney World. At the time my younger sister was only three, which meant I got to go on many of the rides twice – once with my mom while my Dad waited in line to hug Minnie, and a second time with my Dad while my mom calmed […]

    If you’ve got a story to tell or an idea to sell, it is crucial that you can explain your narrative and engage others in a way that not only leaves them understanding your message, but embracing it. And, with nearly 1.25 million presentations given every hour, oftentimes slides are the best vehicle for your […]

    Silicon Valley is a popular [and explicit] TV show on HBO. It follows a small group of nerds who are passionate about their start-up, Pied Piper, and are trying desperately to pitch it to investors and get the funding they need to build a new internet. Not surprisingly, these guys are much better at deciphering […]

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