the slide lab will give you the insights & empowerment to confidently craft your next presentation with ease

Having presentations built for you can come with a hefty price tag - especially if you find yourself needing new slides consistently. Learn how to master both the content & design skills needed to build your own presentations from here on out - without chewing up tons of your time. 

You'll get research-backed insights on content best practices, real life case study examples & a design toolkit to help you develop your vision, execute your storyboard & navigate any troubleshooting along the way - both from me and the Slide lab insiders' Facebook group.

I've got a decade of slide building under my belt, and I'd be honored to walk you step by step through the process of creating a presentation that people will remember - as many times as you need. [you'll have access forever!]

Doors open twice annually. Next enrollment is September 2019.


I'm Cait! I want to help you tell your story through compelling & engaging presentations that get your dream clients to sign on the dotted line and your students to sharpen their pencils. I spent nearly a decade working for The Wall Street Journal building compelling presentations that resulted in millions of dollars in revenue & educated hundreds of our sellers. Creating slides is my thing, and I want to cut the time you spend building them in half!

I also want your book recommendations, your winning Bachelor pick & ALL the potty training advice.

Who is this lady?

For presentation tips, encouragement, real life case studies and content best practices alongside a healthy dose of my two [soon to be three] kids & happy hours, let's connect on instagram! 

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