creating presentations that captivate your audience starts with knowing them well.



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Here, you'll work with someone who has built slides for a decade & discovered what works...and what doesn't. If you've ever felt frustrated building presentations, you're in the right place!

I can help you use storytelling to educate & persuade. Together, we can marry the art of slide design with the science of a compelling narrative to create something you're proud of - without sacrificing hours of your precious time.

I've seen firsthand how compelling slides get results...

dream clients sign on the dotted line;
audiences lean in;
students sharpen their pencils. 

My name is Cait, and I help entrepreneurs create engaging presentations.

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    Frustrated with how tedious & time consuming slide building can be? Our templates are drag & drop easy, affordable & come with a comprehensive Instructions PDF so you can confidently tweak elements on your own.


    Rolling up my sleeves (both literally and figuratively), slurping the last dregs of a milkshake, having a book in my purse, putting ice cubes in my wine, collecting enormous coffee mugs and gaining new freckles with each sunny day.

    what I'm known for:

    I make blue eyed babies and a killer buffalo chicken dip. I didn't wear my retainer post-braces so my smile resembles Katherine Heigl's. Good Lord do I love a blueberry muffin and a hot cup of coffee. I married a Penn Stater, which means my fall is full of football and "We Are!" chants (and I secretly love it). I'm an INTJ and an Enneagram 1w2 - this shocks no one. I am a voracious reader & a mediocre dancer at best. At any time, I have at least $4 worth of change at the bottom of my purse. My lists have lists; I am organized to a fault.

    I was that kid who read under the covers with a flashlight. I've always loved a good book, a well timed joke or a satisfying movie plot.


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    Hit me with as much info as you can: do you have a software question? Need help building out a presentation? Stuck on something using a template? Happy to help,  just reach out!

    "Cait blew my mind. I started off trying to use a PPT template from Creative Market and I just couldn't pull off what I envisioned delivering to the client so I worked with her and she's just amazing to work with and her work is phenomenal.

    Working with Cait was the best decision I made on this project. Her ability to transform my notes into meaningful visuals that clearly delivered my messages/concepts was astounding."

    I would say I saved time, but really I just simply couldn't have delivered the level of output to the client that I did by using Cait had I gone at this on my own.

    Jamie Russo
    Executive Director,
    Global Workspace Association & Host of Everything Coworking Podcast

    kind words

    Her eye for design is like nothing else. There is no way you could re-create her expertise by using an internet template it trying to wing it on Canva.

    I had procrastinated on this project for far too long before I hired her and it felt like she completed everything to exceptional standards in the blink of an eye. I kicked myself for waiting so long to work with her!
    She had an eye for detail and was able to execute brilliantly on a vision that was difficult to explain. Cait is a one stop shop for online excellence!

    As an entrepreneur, it is my job to focus on the things that I do best… And leave the other details to Cait. This is her Super Bowl!

    Erin Skye Kelly
    Broadcaster, Speaker & Educator

    kind words

    For presentation tips, encouragement, real life case studies and content best practices alongside a healthy dose of my two [soon to be three] kids & happy hours, let's connect on instagram! 

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