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Webinars that Work: Shanna Skidmore

August 9, 2019

Shanna Skidmore teaches creative entrepreneurs how to keep track of their finances so that their businesses and households can run as smoothly as possible. She’s been in business for years but recently decided to step back from her business to start a new season of her life with her kiddos. Shanna is a true professional, and her webinar content is just as polished. As Shanna opens up her programs one last time, here’s one of her past webinars that delivers quality content to her audience.

Webinar Title: How to afford the life you dream of living without giving up the things you love having

Shanna Skidmore Webinar

The ‘One Thing’: The one thing Shanna wants you to take away from this webinar is how to give a purpose to every dollar – from your fantasies (Shanna refers to this as your dreamboat session) to your current spending habits to your money goals through her Blueprint method.

Shanna Skidmore Webinar

What’s the next logical step after going through the webinar? Shanna does a great job of seamlessly integrating her webinar insights into her blueprint course. At the end of the webinar, she clearly outlines the coaching offer and still provides a valuable (and free) next step for her audience through her bank account workflow cheatsheet. I know I hate looking at my credit card & bank statements and trying to organize and make sense of them, so this cheat sheet is a great way to get the ball rolling and, hopefully, encourage those who download it to keep up the good work by enrolling in the Blueprint method.

Shanna Skidmore Webinar

What does her ICA (Ideal Customer) want/need?  Shanna mostly targets her messaging toward female entrepreneurs, particularly those who are looking to get their finances under control or working harder for them in the business & household. Shanna’s ideal students are the PowerSheets users, the Simplified planner devotees – those of us who like a clearly organized system to tackle facets of our lives that are overwhelming or integral to our success.

What do they not want? Shanna has this magical ability to make you feel like her best friend within the first five minutes of hearing her speak, and that makes it much easier for her to hold your feet to the fire and give a little tough love. She’s an absolute doll with a megawatt smile, but she will not give you permission to fritter away your money or a blueprint for success without doing the work. If you’re looking for a program that tells you what to do with your dollars without input on your end (re: your goals, spending habits, etc.) this is not the course for you.

Who is Shanna?  Shanna is a former Fortune 100 financial advisor who then became a business consultant for creative entrepreneurs – she describes herself as “just a numbers girl, living in a creative world.” Right off the bat you know she’s got the chops to teach on finance….she lived it for nearly a decade in the corporate world after all! And then, she took the leap we’ve all made and started her own business, so she also gets the struggles, uncertainty and juggling act that accompanies early entrepreneurship. She’s been there, done that and has a tried and true tested system to ensure you don’t hit common pitfalls. I trust her…wouldn’t you?

What’s the Challenge/Obstacle/Frustration she Tackles?: Shanna tugs at the heartstrings of the dreamer who just wants the space to create without the stress of generating enough income to pay the bills as well as the well-organized entrepreneur who is looking to tighten the books and take her biz to the next level. Both of these women have one thing in common – they are looking for a blueprint they can follow to set them up for success.

The Promise: I love this line from Shanna – “May I be your financial coach?” There is something so endearing and authentic about asking such a straightforward question. Her transparency strips away any sleazy salesman feelings and leaves you wanting to get coffee with this adorable lady while handing her your business receipts over a blueberry muffin. Her course is laid out step by step and the free content of her webinar leaves you feeling like her paid blueprint method is worth every penny.

Design Details: Shanna uses muted neutral tones & deep blues. Her main font – Kudryashev Headline – is bold and eyecatching without being hard to read in large quantities. Paired with Sabon Display for body text, the duo is elegant and timeless – much like Shanna herself.

Shanna Skidmore Webinar

For More Info on Shanna & the Blueprint Method: Head to for more information. Shanna is hosting a few free webinars to introduce you to her and her teaching style before opening the doors ONE LAST TIME to become a student of her Blueprint Method. Shanna bravely decided that 2019 will be her last year in business (at least, as her business currently looks), so you will want to trample others like a bride-to-be at a Black Friday wedding dress sale to get a spot in her final session before this program heads into retirement. I did!


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